My New Storyspace E-reader

Yeah, so I’m trying to read Afternoon, A Story, Patchwork Girl, and Victory Garden, all of which are foundational hypertexts, and all of which are on the proprietary Storyspace software by Eastgate Systems. Unfortunately none of them work on either my Vista 64-bit laptop or my Vista 32-bit desktop, even after trying a slew of software emulators. In fact, the first time I ordered Victory Garden through the library I received a 3.5″ floppy and couldn’t find a machine on campus that still accepted them.

That I had to dig up an old computer from my in-laws’ basement in order to read these works is a problem. Eastgate said Storyspace should work on Vista 32-bit (but it didn’t for me) but assured me that a Storyspace app would be out soon. Even so, will these hypertext fictions still be priced out at $25 each?

Will we see a day where digital literature composed on older versions of Flash, for example, will also require readers to find decades-old computers to enjoy them? As paper once said, “the news of my obsolescence has been greatly exaggerated.”

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