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Prezi on Exploring Fictional Worlds

I give my second of two lectures tomorrow to our Game Culture class, this one on exploring fictional game worlds. Like most PowerPoint slides or online presentations, you probably miss something without the narration and this one features several game … Continue reading

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Prezi on Character Creation in Digital RPGs

Just got the proofs today of my article “From Meaning to Experience: Teaching Fiction Writing With Digital RPGs,” which will be appearing as the final chapter in Dungeons, Dragons, and Digital Denizens: The Digital Role Playing Game. Amazon says it … Continue reading

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A Short Prezi on my Dissertation

While Stuart is away in Australia I’ve been tasked with keeping the ship afloat for our course on Game Culture. This includes a short talk I’ll be giving on my dissertation, putting my project in the context of interactive fiction, … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Routs Nebraska: An MMA Comparison

Right, so both my parents went to Nebraska and my wife and I graduated from Wisconsin and currently live in Madison. My dad, who is a Cornhusker nutjob, was beside himself when news broke that Nebraska would be joining the … Continue reading

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Grey’s First Videogame

So this morning I downloaded the trial copy of Braid, a game discussed in Tom Bissel’s excellent book, Extra Lives. It’s also a game we’ll be playing and discussing soon in our Game Culture class so I wanted to take … Continue reading

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Game Design and Education: One Quick Example

Each week the Comparative Media Studies program at MIT publishes a podcast where a guest speaker discusses all kinds issues related to media: film, television, videogames, and all the rest. On the drive home yesterday I finished the most recent … Continue reading

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I stumbled on these articles on videogames on (the online incarnation of the old Cracked magazine) and was pleasantly surprised to find that they’re both funny yet intelligently written for a popular audience. Although there are more, these were … Continue reading

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Preliminary Conclusions on Fallout: New Vegas

Before I give my brief rundown, I should admit that I have an unholy love for Fallout 3. It was the first RPG I’d played in many, many years and fell head over heels for it immediately. I was reading … Continue reading

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GLS Prezi Presentation

Here’s the Prezi I used when giving my talk on “Gaming, World Building, and Narrative” at the Games+Learning+Society 7.0 conference in June. GLS 7.0 – Gaming, World Building, and Narrative on Prezi

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